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Types of Waste You Handle Daily – Know to Avoid Risks

Waste management is considered one of the essential jobs in our society. At the same time, it is full of risks too. There are wastes that are highly toxic in nature and can cause severe health issues for those who handle them daily. Whether you are in your home or office, you must know about the types of waste and their level of toxicity so that you can keep yourself safe from potential hazards.

Before you hire experts of Crawley waste collection for your home or business, you should know about the common types of waste you deal with every day.

Common Waste Types at Your Home and Business

Organic Waste

These are wastes that are generated from various organic or natural elements and cause no harm (typically) to the environment. In most of the cases, you can recycle these wastes and utilise them as fertiliser too. Food waste, garden waste, water waste, and wood waste are considered organic or green waste. They are also known as biodegradable waste.

Liquid Waste

Liquid rubbish can be anything and everything that you throw in the form of liquid. From the liquids you throw in your kitchen sinks to the liquid materials released from factories – all these things come under this classification. Even human and animal extracts are also considered as liquid waste.

Medical Waste

Waste that has medical items like medicines, syringe, cotton balls, bandage, etc. are known as medical waste. They may or may not have infectious and toxic elements in them. Anything that is collected from the hospitals, doctors’ chambers, dentists’ offices, laboratories, medical research centres and veterinary clinics are considered as medical waste.

Hazardous Waste

As the name suggests, these are the wastes that can create risks for you and the environment as well. In this category, you can put various types of items collected from all the categories mentioned above. There can be a hazardous liquid waste, medical waste, chemical waste, etc.

The experts of Hawkins and Scott always advice the clients to know the types of waste they are handling and then choose the right types of skips for the same. For more help, you can contact us right now.

Things Your Kids Should Know About Reducing, Reusing and Recycling Waste

Making your children aware of the advantages and importance of waste management will help keep the earth greener. They are the future of the world, and it is in their hands to keep fighting the climate crisis. The better we educate them, the higher are the chances of our survival.

Tips for Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling with Kids

1. Comprehensive Waste Management

One of the most sure-fire ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle is a comprehensive waste management system. There are professional Crawley waste collection agencies which have experience and understanding of how to treat, handle, and dispose of waste sustainably. Hiring such companies and involving your kids in the decision is a kick-starter for the conversation.

2.Crafting and Composting

Do not leave everything for the professionals. Teach your kids to take their initiatives for making the earth greener. Teach them how to turn food scraps, tea leaves, and garden trimmings into compost. Also sit down with them to convert used containers, packaging material, and other wastes into pieces of utility or décor. It is an excellent step towards sustainability and will also allow your kids to explore their creative side.

3. Introduce Your Kids to Thrifting

Thrift shopping is no more limited to garage sales and flea markets. There is a whole section of buyers and sellers online indulging in the excellence of thrifting. From fashionable clothes to furniture to homewares to books, people are loving to get them preloved rather than buying a brand new one from a shop. This not only promotes eco-friendliness but is also lighter on the pocket. Introduce your kids to the idea, and soon enough they will take to the lifestyle as well.

4. Talk about Energy Efficiency

Teach your kids how important it is not to create waste at one’s whims. Tell them to turn the tap off while brushing, switch the fans and lights off when leaving a room, never to throw away plastic that can be reused at home, etc.

It is never too late to teach your kids about reducing, reusing and recycling. Ask your kids to buy recycled items or products from a thrift store, never to waste water or electricity, and partake in more energy efficiency in every aspect of their lives.

Hawkins & Scott Recycling & Waste Management is a significant source of Crawley waste collection. They work with all commercial businesses and industries. They have undertaken the responsibility of protecting our environment by safely disposing of waste.