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Welcome to the website of Hawkins & Scott Ltd, the leading choice for waste management, disposal, and recycling in Crawley and throughout Surrey. Founded many years ago by the great, great, great grandfather of the current owner, Grant Scott, we’re a business that’s steeped in a rich history and tradition. The secret for our longevity?

Hawkins & Scott Recycling & Waste Management also works with commercial waste services.

Waste Collection & Rubbish Removal Crawley

Professional Rubbish Collection Crawley

Looking for an expert rubbish collection in Crawley for your office or home? If so, put stakes on us at Hawkins & Scott Recycling & Waste Management. Located in Tadworth, we provide rubbish removal services across Surrey. We take pride in providing reliable waste collection and recycling. To protect the environment, we take a unique approach to get things done. We handle each task efficiently, from house clearance to commercial waste collection. For us, no task is small or big.

Our strong reputation makes us the ideal choice for rubbish collection and Crawley recycling. Being experts in rubbish removal, we eliminate all types of waste in an eco-friendly way. Whether you have waste build-up at your commercial place or in your loft, we can help. Our team of specialists always aim to offer reliable waste collection and recycling services.

Waste Management Services You Can Count On

Our Hawkins & Scott Recycling & Waste Management staff is committed to delivering exceptional services. We take pride in offering quality services, irrespective of your project size. We will be working with you when arranging a reliable and cost-effective Crawley waste disposal. Our expert team lets you easily meet all your waste disposal needs.

Our Wide Range Of Waste Collection Services

We are one of the most reputable waste management companies in Crawley. Our specialists are committed to offering top-notch waste collection and recycling services. You should count on us if you want to use different waste management services. We are experts at:

·         General waste

·         House clearance

·         Commercial waste

·         Glass recycling

·         Dry mixed recycling

·         Paper and cardboard recycling

·         Food waste recycling

·         Confidential waste

How Do We Work?

After getting in touch with us, we will respond to your enquiry about Crawley waste collection and waste recycling. Then, we will offer you a free quotation for the waste build-up we will remove. This will help you get an idea of the cost and clear any doubts. Once you agree with the price, we will schedule a convenient slot. Lastly, we will collect your waste for efficient disposal and recycling.

Why Choose Us?

·         Vast experience in offering effective rubbish collection

·         A proven record of eco-friendly waste management

·         Conscientious approach to waste collection, disposal and recycling

·         Responsible and environmentally-friendly waste disposal

·         Waste management for both domestic and commercial sectors

·         Skilled team of specialists

·         Fully compliant to the highest standards

·         Excellent customer satisfaction

·         Transparent pricing with no hidden charges

·         Free, no obligation quotes

“Speak to our team today to know more!”

The business types that Hawkins & Scott Work with:

Waste Collection & Rubbish Removal Business Sector
Waste Collection & Rubbish Removal Business Sector
Waste Collection & Rubbish Removal Business Sector
Waste Collection & Rubbish Removal Business Sector
Waste Collection & Rubbish Removal Business Sector
Leisure & Fitness Centres
Waste Collection & Rubbish Removal Business Sector
Industrial Centres

Waste management companies have an important part to play in protecting the environment, which is why we take our responsibilities very seriously. At Hawkins & Scott Ltd, we provide a rubbish collection and recycling service, taking a conscientious approach that protects the welfare of our local environment. It is our aim to deliver a modern, greener style of service that sees waste studiously evaluated and recycled wherever possible, minimising waste transfers to local landfill sites.


Save yourself the time and hassle of collecting, sorting, and disposing of the waste in your property by hiring the experts at Hawkins & Scott Ltd. Based in Tadworth but working throughout Surrey, we deliver professional waste removal and disposal services for domestic and commercial clients. From skip hire to muck away, we cover all bases. Naturally, we place a strong emphasis on our own recycling efforts, and we strive to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill sites.

Waste Collection & Rubbish Removal Crawley
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