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Welcome to the website of Hawkins & Scott Ltd, the leading choice for waste management, disposal, and recycling in Epsom and throughout Surrey. Founded many years ago by the great, great, great grandfather of the current owner, Grant Scott, we’re a business that’s steeped in a rich history and tradition. The secret for our longevity?

Hawkins & Scott Recycling & Waste Management also works with commercial waste services.

Waste Collection & Rubbish Removal Epsom

Epsom Waste Collection Services You Can Count Upon

Need efficient Epsom waste collection and disposal services? Look no further than Hawkins & Scott Recycling & Waste Management. We are a premier waste management company which specialises in providing eco-friendly rubbish collection and recycling services. Based in Tadworth, we work throughout Surrey and deliver professional waste management services to domestic and commercial clients. We strive to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill sites by offering exceptional rubbish clearance.

Counted as a specialist waste removal and collection company, we handle small-scale as well as large-scale waste disposal jobs. We are dedicated to collecting and disposing of your rubbish in a professional way. Our focus is to provide an eco-friendly Epsom rubbish collection and disposal service. We will organise waste collection services designed around your needs. What’s more, to ensure you get excellent value for money, we offer our services at reasonable prices.

Professional, Skilled And Courteous Staff

We take pride in our highly trained experts who are exceptional recycling providers. Each of our specialists has years of experience behind them and know what it takes to offer responsible Epsom recycling. By using their extensive knowledge, they collect all types of domestic and commercial waste. Above all, our skilled experts are helpful and courteous. No matter what type of wastage you have, our specialists can handle it all.

How Our Waste Collection & Disposal Works?

We work in 4 simple steps. This includes-

1.      Give us a call for your waste collection.

2.      Get a free, no-obligation quote.

3.      We will arrange a time slot convenient for you.

4.      Once you’re happy with the quote, we will take away your waste and recycle.

Outstanding Waste Clearance Service

At Hawkins & Scott Recycling & Waste Management, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Ever since our business started, we have been very passionate about providing the best rubbish collection and disposal services to customers. We are confident that the waste collection and disposal services we offer are valued by both domestic and commercial customers. From muck away to skip hire, we cover all kinds of waste removal.

Responsible Disposal And Recycling

There’s a reason why we are the first choice for homes and businesses seeking eco-friendly Epsom waste disposal. When we claim to provide the best waste management company, we don’t just mean waste collection. As a leading waste management company, we take our responsibility very seriously and so we ensure proper disposal. We will collect your trash and dispose of it as per the rules set by the authorities.

Why Choose Us?

·         Well-qualified waste collection experts

·         Eco-friendly and responsible waste disposal

·         Affordable rubbish removal service

·         Transparent pricing

·         Guaranteed customer satisfaction

“Get in touch with our friendly team today to know more!”

The business types that Hawkins & Scott Work with:

Waste Collection & Rubbish Removal Business Sector
Waste Collection & Rubbish Removal Business Sector
Waste Collection & Rubbish Removal Business Sector
Waste Collection & Rubbish Removal Business Sector
Waste Collection & Rubbish Removal Business Sector
Leisure & Fitness Centres
Waste Collection & Rubbish Removal Business Sector
Industrial Centres

Waste management companies have an important part to play in protecting the environment, which is why we take our responsibilities very seriously. At Hawkins & Scott Ltd, we provide a rubbish collection and recycling service, taking a conscientious approach that protects the welfare of our local environment. It is our aim to deliver a modern, greener style of service that sees waste studiously evaluated and recycled wherever possible, minimising waste transfers to local landfill sites.


Save yourself the time and hassle of collecting, sorting, and disposing of the waste in your property by hiring the experts at Hawkins & Scott Ltd. Based in Tadworth but working throughout Surrey, we deliver professional waste removal and disposal services for domestic and commercial clients. From skip hire to muck away, we cover all bases. Naturally, we place a strong emphasis on our own recycling efforts, and we strive to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill sites.

Waste Collection & Rubbish Removal Epsom
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