Skip Hire Service

What Things You Should and Should Avoid putting In a Skip?

Are you moving, planning a renovation, or just thinking about clearing out the space? Then, the best decision to make is hiring a skip to make the task easier. Renting a skip is an affordable way to dispose of all the unwanted items in one go.

But, as a responsible skip user, knowing what you can put in the skip and what you need to avoid is good. Besides, certain local councils have different policies on what you can put in the skip or what you need to avoid. Hence, when you choose to skip hire in Purley, you must know how to categorise the waste products.

What Can Go in the Skip Hire?

  1. Garden Waste

It can include anything from grass trimming parts, fence panels, shed components, flowers, and garden accessories like bird feeders and gazebos. You can also put treated and untreated wooden particles in the skip, which are not put in the recycling bin.

  2. Building Waste

It includes bricks, wooden panelling, wallpaper, and other items resulting from construction and demolition work. The large skip is best for construction materials, offering enough space to keep the waste items from the building site.

  3. Household Waste

Any waste generated by the household, like food packaging and general waste, can be placed inside the skip. Most household waste ends up in landfills and can be recycled again.

In addition to these, you can also put cardboard, clothes, bricks, and carpets in the skip for disposal.

What You Should Avoid Putting in the Skip Hire?

Unfortunately, there are some items that you cannot put in the skip. Things that do not go in the skip are called hazardous items, and thus, they can damage the skip. They include-

  1. Food waste

  2. Batteries

  3. Fridges and freezers

  4. Asbestos

  5. Tyres

  6. Gas cylinders

  7. Pressurised containers

  8. Paint tins

  9. Fluorescent tubes

  10. Liquids of any type

Before hiring the skip, it is very important to categorise the items you can put in and which ones you need to avoid. After doing this, you can contact a skip hire in Banstead to remove your home’s unwanted waste. This guide helped me understand how to segregate unwanted products. Call the experts from Hawkins & Scott Recycling for skip hire. We have different sizes of skips for our clients. Share your requirements, and we will send a quote.