Eco-Friendly Waste Disposal Methods

Know about the Sustainable Eco-Friendly Waste Disposal Methods

Our system of waste disposal and management is growing disproportionate every day. To promote a healthy and safe environment, we must adopt eco-friendly means of disposing of garbage. Instead of dumping them on the roadsides or landfill, one should learn to go green, much like the approach followed by Waste Collection in Sutton.

In this accelerating economy, waste management has been a hazardous failure. Especially with the help of garbage generated every day, the disposal is difficult. It also causes more harm to water and land bodies.  

Eco-Friendly Methods for Waste Collection and Disposal


1. Recycling 

Start by separating the types of waste that are collected. With the method of recycling, you can make the waste reusable again for various other purposes. You can recycle plastic, paper and glass. This way, you create a healthy surrounding by reducing the carbon footprint.

2. Reusing

Once you generate less waste, you are already turning eco-friendly. Do not throw everything away. You can re-utilize particular items and products like jars and bottles. Wood and metals can be implemented in construction processes.

3. Composting

This technique is very efficient. Choose the kitchen backyard of your house. Settle all the wet waste from the kitchen for decomposition here. For this, create a big compost pit. After some days, the newly formed compost can be used as a nourishing fertilizer for the backyard plants and trees.

4. Use Garbage Disposers

Every kind of waste cannot be recycled or composted. If you dispose of the trash improperly, you are causing extra harm to the environment. Hence, it is recommended to use specialized disposers for throwing away the garbage. These disposers can shred big sized waste and products into small chunks so that they decompose faster.

5. Be careful of hazardous waste

For waste or garbage of this kind, it is always safe to drop them carefully at the hazardous waste units or sites. Try to avoid mixing them with ordinary, regular waste matter. Pins, tires, paint and acidic chemicals are unsafe. It would help if you disposed of them safely.

At Hawkins & Scott Recycling & Waste Management, we adopt advanced, sustainable, and convenient waste disposal techniques with minimal environmental effects.