Waste Recycling

Important Factors that Determine Effective Business Recycling

For a business establishment, waste management is a crucial need. To perform this task effectively, many businesses opt for recycling. This ensures the disposal of different kinds of waste in an orderly manner. Recycling not only clears out the accumulated waste, but also helps reuse the items.

More About Commercial Recycling in Crawley:

Commercial waste recycling and rubbish collection in Crawley primarily depend on the recyclability of the waste materials. Multiple factors play a major role in determining whether an item is recyclable. Business entities need to recognise these factors. This will help them properly recycle the waste they produce.

Business Recycling: Important Points to Remember

Knowing the waste items that would contribute to recycling better is crucial. We discuss more about the recyclable factors in the following section of this blog.

  1. Material Composition: The raw material of which the waste material is made contributes to its recyclability. Some commonly recycled commercial waste includes paper, cardboard and glass. To reuse these items after recycling, the producers should opt for smart design. They should produce the items so that they can use them multiple times. This will ease the waste reduction efforts of the business.

  2. Ease of Convenience and Infrastructure: The business’s ability to access a recycling facility is another major factor in the commercial recycling process. Most businesses take the help of commercial recycling services. If they have facilities closer to the business entity, it influences business cooperation, awareness and education. The businesses can access a cost-effective recycling programme.

  3. Market Demand: The demand for recycled materials is a crucial point to be noted for the proper business waste recycling process. Companies and businesses should find a joint approach to design easily recyclable materials. They should perform this when the demand is high. The business firm must proactively work to make this happen. They should conduct extensive market research. Knowing which recycled materials are on the top charts eases the recycling process effectively.

These are a few points to remember for businesses when they plan to recycle their daily produced waste. Identifying the wastes suitable for recycling and processing them is a vital need to make that happen. To get better assistance, one can contact a reliable source like Hawkins & Scott Recycling & Waste Management. They are a well-known Crawley recycling source. The service provider has helped residential and commercial clients. For more information, one can visit their website today.

Why is E-Waste Recycling Important? Know in Details

Electronic waste forms a major part of both commercial and residential waste products. Electronic gadgets are a major part of the waste for people working from home. Along with different types of waste, you must eliminate e-waste effectively. Unlike other types of waste, e-waste contains batteries and harmful chemicals, which, if mixed with the environment, can produce Irreversible damage.

Hence you cannot simply throw or hold electronic products into the garbage can. It would be best if you got rid of them properly and hired companies for proper waste recycling. In Crawley, for waste recycling, you will come across many companies offering separate e-waste recycling services. Approach them if you want to get rid of your electronic gadgets.

What is E-waste?

Electronic wastes are the waste generated from old, broken, discarded electronic items. Many people are unaware that electronic waste can be reused. On the contrary, they end up discarding the same In their backyard. Instead of throwing away your electronic waste properly, make sure that you call a professional waste recycling company and get rid of the same.

Many people think that e-waste is generated by commercial properties alone. However, old and discarded home appliances like microwaves, heaters, electric cookers and entertainment devices are also part of e-waste. Further, small items like hitting pads, smart watches, electrical bulbs and chords are also a part of e-waste. Hence e-waste is everywhere.

Why is it Important to Recycle E-waste?

Like different types of waste, e-waste also harms the environment. Hence it would be best if you got rid of it in a more organised manner. Here’s why it is important to recycle electronic waste. 

  1. Helps to Avoid Environmental Pollution

Most electronic appliances have toxic substances like chromium, mercury,  cadmium etc., in their compositions. Proper disposal is essential to avoid soil and water pollution from these dangerous substances. If you leave them in the environment, the dangerous substances get mixed with the environment.

  2. Helps to Save Energy

Electronic appliances like mobile phones, computers, microwaves, refrigerators and other gadgets and appliances can be easily reused to produce other electronic appliances. Proper disposal is essential to save energy as well as money.

  3. Helps the Community at Large

By recycling your electronic waste, you are indirectly helping the community to live a better life. You will make your premises clean without hammering your neighbours and environment.

Contact Hawkins & Scott Recycling & Waste Management for proper recycling of e-waste. To know more, check our website.

Recycling Vs. Upcycling Vs. Repurposing – Know The Differences

Rubbish collection is no more a mere process of collecting garbage nowadays. The process starts with collecting the rubbish and ends with recycling the same to dispose of the garbage properly. However, you will also come across a few terms like repurposing and upcycling. You must know the basic differences between the three terminologies – recycling, repurposing and upcycling before you approach a professional skip hire service for the same. 

Whenever you think of getting help for professional rubbish collection in Reigate, ask them about these three services. Read more about the differences between recycling, upcycling and repurposing.

What is Recycling?

This is where the waste materials are converted into usable materials for the near future. Thus the motive behind recycling an item is to save the original raw materials to reuse the same for different production purposes. This is undoubtedly a sustainable and economically friendly option.

What is Upcycling?

On the contrary, the process of upcycling includes the enhancement of any old products that have been damaged. The use of the product remains the same; however, with the help of the upcycling process, you can only enhance the looks and the features of the product. It is an energy-efficient process of transforming old products. It is, in simple words, the process of repair and restoration.

What is Repurposing?

The process of repurposing is opposite to that of upcycling. Here the old and damaged item collected from the garbage is repurposed, and a new meaning or purpose is given to the damaged item. Unlike upcycling, which incorporates a new improvement into the waste product, repurposing retains the features of the product and adds a new purpose to the damaged and wasted product.

What is the Difference between these three?

While the process might sound similar, each waste management process has its functionality. Depending on the type of product that has been wasted and collected from the garbage, the garbage collection companies generally select the type of service that they want to opt for. If a wasted product is not capable of being recycled, then the garbage companies will either opt for upcycling or repurposing options.

Regardless of the type of method you opt for, all the methods are sustainable. Approach Hawkins & Scott Recycling for the best waste management and rubbish collection in Reigate. Our mission is to provide the most sustainable and responsible rubbish collection and disposal services. To know more, check our website.

Time to Know More about the Benefits of Metal Recycling

Metal is one of the most popular items that can be recycled. In an age of rising concern for the environment, many businesses and homeowners opt to recycle their accumulated metal waste. Improper recycling often causes the metals to end up in landfills. This contributes more to environmental pollution.

More About Metal Recycling:

Recycling a metal generally consists of three procedures: Collection, Processing and Regeneration. One can recycle both ferrous and non-ferrous metallic objects. Some common metals include copper, brass, tin and zinc.

Benefits of Recycling Metal Waste in Epsom:

This blog contains a detailed take on the advantages of metal recycling in Epsom. One can learn more about the reasons to handle scrap metals in a pollution-free manner.

  1. Protects the Environment: This is one of the most important environmental benefits of recycling scrap metals. Taking the metals to a recycling hub can save some space in landfills. This space can be utilised to accommodate organic waste like food and non-recyclable items.

  2. Minimal Carbon Emission: Recycling is an environmentally compatible way of treating various waste materials. This is much better than incineration and other waste handling procedures. It causes zero-emission and prevents the release of pollutants. This is an important thing to note for businesses that regularly use a large number of metals.

  3. Recycling frees Space: Scrap metals are generally piled up in obscure corners of a home or a business. Unobserved and ignored, these items rust in the same place for years by taking up a large area. Selling these to scrap dealers or recycling services will not only help the environment but also free up some valuable space.

These are some advantages of recycling various metal wastes. To get the best assistance, one should consult with a well-known source of recycling in Epsom. They have the necessary permits and equipment to do this task effortlessly. One can also remain assured of protecting the environment by recycling.

Collecting Waste? 4 Common Methods Of Waste Disposal

Sutton is gradually becoming industrialised and the amount of waste generated every year is enhancing. Both domestic and commercial waste contributes to waste generation. They can damage human health and the environment if not disposed of strategically. Negligence to remove the rubbish on time might even overflow public waste bins and clutter the streets. It is why you should get in touch with a reputable company for waste collection in Sutton and they will let you know the common waste disposal methods.

Few Common Waste Collection and Disposal Methods in Sutton

  • Incineration

It is the method of destroying waste by burning it. It generates inert ash and various gases as by-products. It also helps in generating heat and power. The type and amount of pollution caused during incineration depend on the nature of waste you are treating.

  • Skip Hire

Since skips help enhance the safety of the waste you want to get rid of, it’s time you start looking for a reputable company offering skip hire services. Skips are available in various sizes so you can choose one according to your waste disposal needs. You can hire one of those large open-topped containers and the skip-provider will schedule a flexible collection strategy.

  • Recycling

You will be surprised to know that you can recycle almost 70% of the trash collected through recycling in Sutton. You can recycle food waste through composting and even waste products like plastic, paper, electronics, pesticides, and batteries. Recycling is quite beneficial for the environment as it reduces natural resources.

  • Sanitary Landfill

Landfills are specially designed places to dump all the wastes even if you are using a skip hire. A protective lining is put at the base of a sanitary landfill to prevent the waste from mixing with the groundwater. Landfills are created in areas away from sources of flooding and with low groundwater levels.

These being said, it’s time you choose one of the waste disposal methods stated above and get in touch with the experts at Hawkins & Scott Recycling & Waste Management.

Stay Away From Inefficient Rubbish Removal With Proper Recycling

Rubbish is unwanted in every house. Though you can try DIY and take the waste to a local recycling centre or a landfill, getting rid of the household or commercial waste is not as easy as you think. Unless you can dispose of the waste properly, many issues might arise, especially if you are dealing with toxic wastes. You can avoid the negative impact of inefficient rubbish removal by getting in touch with a reputable company for recycling in Epsom.

Avoid the Impact of Inefficient Rubbish Removal Stated below with Recycling Services


Air Contamination

You should dispose of acids and beaches properly as they contain hazardous chemicals. Put them in approved containers with proper labels before throwing them in the waste bins. Plastics and papers emit chemicals and gas when burned in landfills, which can harm the ozone layer. Even the gas produced in landfills due to decomposing wastes can become explosive and harm the communities near them.

Contamination of Soil

Soil contamination is a common issue that can happen due to unprofessional rubbish removal. Some of the landfills’ wastes emit hazardous chemicals that often enter the soil. Plastic bottles release DEHA when they break down. It is a carcinogen that can harm our reproduction systems leading to weight loss and liver dysfunction. If you want to prevent contamination of soil caused by inefficient waste removal, get in touch with a company for recycling in Sutton.

Disease-Carrying Pests

Since rats and mosquitoes breed in sewage areas, they can carry life-threatening diseases. Tires and cans are common breeding grounds for mosquitoes as they collect water. Diseases caused by mosquitoes like dengue and malaria are quite dangerous. Rats find shelter in landfills and carry diseases like salmonellosis and leptospirosis. Professional waste recycling will keep you protected from life-threatening diseases caused by pests.
You can avoid the negative impact of inefficient rubbish removal stated above by getting in touch with the experts at Hawkins & Scott Recycling & Waste Management.

What Are the 3 Most Common Types of Recycling?

While dealing with the daily waste at your home, you might often think about recycling some of them. Waste recycling is a nice and smart way of reducing the total amount of rubbish, saving the environment and creating a better place to live for all of us.

However, most of the time, people do not understand how to recycle goods that can live a little longer in a different shape or form instead of going to the dump yard. Here in this blog, you will get some ideas of waste recycling that can help you manage your residential rubbish in a better manner.

Recycling Procedures of Various Objects

  • Waste Paper and Cardboards

Every household has cardboard and waste papers. Whether it is the packing box of your new television or the boxes you carry with you while moving into this new house – it is hard to handle these cardboards. But, you can recycle them to save the environment. Every tonne of recycled cardboard or paper can save up to seventeen trees. On top of that, two cubic yards of land and 4100 kW/hours of electricity can also be saved through this. 

  • Plastic Recycling 

The toxic impact of plastic waste on this plant is known to all. The best way to get rid of it is to find new ways of recycling plastic by reducing the amount of plastic waste. From that bottle of mineral water to the tube of your night cream – you can recycle them to keep your environment safe. There are fifty distinct groups of plastics with several varieties. Not all of them, but most of them are recyclable. Check the resin code to understand if your plastic object is recyclable or not. 

  • Metal Recycling

Whether you are dealing with ferrous or non-ferrous metal, you can recycle it for future use. Metals never lose their basic qualities when recycled. Hence, they can be used after recycling to create something new or better. Your waste recycling expert will sort metal objects that you give to them into categories of ferrous and non-ferrous to apply the correct recycling procedure.

Hire the Experts

It is always necessary to talk to the experts of waste recycling in Sutton to understand the process. They will come to your place and inspect the rubbish you wish to recycle. These experts have vast knowledge about the recycling process of different items and offer safe service.

Hawkins & Scott Recycling & Waste Management is the right name to contact for professional waste recycling in Epsom. Please get in touch with us to know more.

What are the Impacts of Recycling on the Environment?

Waste management demands proper planning and constant effort. You cannot take this matter lightly because environmental safety is deeply involved in it. Recycling is one of the most crucial parts of waste management. It has a great impact on our environment too. Be it commercial, industrial or residential waste management projects – proper recycling can reduce the amount of waste and keep the environment safe.

To obtain a safe and effective waste management service along with proper recycling in Sutton, you should deal with experienced professionals only.

  1. Conserving Natural Resources

The recycling process is excellent in conserving natural resources. Whether it is wood, paper, metal, plastic or other items – recycling always reduces the need to utilise an excessive amount of natural resources like plants, energy and other organic raw materials during the manufacturing of various products.

  2. Reduce the Waste Generation

When you are recycling most of your daily waste, you can automatically reduce the amount of waste you have to get rid of. This will decrease the amount of total waste going for disposal. Hence, less amount of waste will be disposed of, and the environment will remain less contaminated.

  3. Save Energy

When you can recycle materials like plastic, metal and wood, you can surely save a significant amount of energy around you. Producing new metals for manufacturing various objects involves massive energy consumption. Moreover, making papers from pulped recycled paper consumes 40% less energy than it takes while virgin wood fibres are used for paper production.

  4. Less Carbon Emission

Less energy consumption simply means less carbon emission. Hence, it is another great way to save the environment around us when you choose waste recycling instead of throwing everything in the bins.

  5. Cheaper Option than Waste Disposal

If you compare the processes of waste collection, disposal and recycling, you will find the last option cheaper than the other two. You can obtain reliable waste Crawley recycling within your budget from top waste management companies.

Find the Right Expert

To reap all the benefits associated with the process of waste recycling, you must deal with the experts. The professional waste management team can handle the matter rightly as per the type of waste you want to recycle. They will give you tips and make things easier for you.

Hawkins & Scott Recycling & Waste Management is a renowned waste management company with vast experience in recycling for properties located in Sutton and surrounding areas. We handle all types of waste and offer reliable collection and recycling solutions.

Please contact our team to know more about our services.

5 Questions to Ask Your Rubbish Removal Company

Every day, humans produce tons of waste matter across industrial, business, residential and agricultural sectors. This is why effective management of rubbish is crucial. It helps keep the surroundings clean and reduce pollution. The task is enormous and needs logistic planning. Recycling is an important method to consider, and you can consult the company for recycling in Sutton.  

You should adopt a responsible step to recycle and reducing garbage amount. There are other benefits like social and economic. Since we are a consumer-driven world with an appetite for new things, we can handle waste reduction differently.  

What is Recycling?

Be it paper, plastic or aluminium, these products fulfil their original purpose only after recycling. These materials have excellent recycling value. Studies suggest that you can recycle and repurpose almost 75% of garbage and rubbish matter. For safe results, it is adivable to use modern technology.

In this process, the company for rubbish collection in Sutton separate, collect and convert the waste matter for reusing. Recycling extends the usefulness of products that have served their initial purpose. It goes back to being a sustainable raw material. It benefits the environment and humans.  

 Questions to Ask 

 Before you hire a waste removal and recycling company, ask them the following questions.

  1. What type of waste do you consider? 

 As the customer, you should see if the company for rubbish collection in Sutton disposes of waste in an environmentally friendly way. They should be aware of the repercussions of improper waste discarding. The company can help you sort the rubbish before it taking it for recycling. You can better understand what you cannot or can recycle. Besides, the company must not charge extra prices for it.

Most rubbish removal companies handle: 

  i. Plastic, wood, sand and metals

  ii. Office furniture

  iii. Excess building materials and business waste 

  iv.Cardboard and paper

  v. Garden residue, household waste, organic rubbish

  2. How do you deal with hazardous material?  

It includes medical syringes, bandages, liquids, chemicals, lubricants, paints, asbestos, oil, contaminated material. The company should know how to deal with the hazardous waste matter and execute the correct disposal method. 

  3. Where do you take the waste after collection?  

Landfills are becoming a huge problem, with population growth. A vast quantity of waste clog the landfills and cause other problems. This is why companies for rubbish removal in Sutton are focusing on alternative methods. Ask them to understand their process better. Select a company that chooses to be environmentally sustainable.

  4. How much waste is recycled? 

For every waste management company, green practices are key points. A good company should target 80-90 % of the waste/garbage. They should do it in a way that it ensures minimal hazards.

  5. How do you help us reach sustainable targets?  

Find if the company focus on the sustainability factor. They should opt for friendly solutions of waste management and discarding. This will reflect positively on the business reputation too.

The company should set recycling goals and other targets. The result will be minimising waste and maximising recovery.

For premium quality services like rubbish removal in Sutton, consult Hawkins & Scott Recycling & Waste Management. 

Time To Choose The Right Company For Residential Rubbish Collection

Though numerous companies offer residential rubbish removal services, look for one with years of experience in the industry. Instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all approach, they should customise their services to suit your needs. The rubbish collection process one has to follow to get rid of household waste is different from industrial waste. Nowadays, you can choose from a wide variety of rubbish removal services.
Most of the recycling and waste management companies offer fully bespoke services to meet your specific requirements. They sort the rubbish collected into three categories – wet waste, dry waste, and hazardous waste. Choosing the right company for residential rubbish collection is a must if you want to protect your family and the environment from pollution.

3 Vital Points To Consider When Choosing A Company For Residential Rubbish Removal

Recycling Policy

It is the responsibility of every company offering rubbish collection in Crawley to recycle the waste. Recycling is an effective way of dealing with household waste. You can save almost eight cubic yards of landfill space if you recycle one ton of cardboard. Do you want to know where your waste is going? Feel free to ask the waste management company whether they follow different recycling policies for different types of residential waste. They should also use assorted bins for waste disposal.


You can have complete peace of mind when choosing a company for residential rubbish removal in Crawley if they have years of experience in the industry. The regulations these companies have to follow for residential waste disposal differ from one state to another. You might end up paying fines if the service provider fails to follow all the rules and regulations. Every experienced waste removal company values their reputation and are regulatory compliant throughout their collection and recycling process. The waste collection experts also keep themselves updated with the latest OSHA regulations.

Services Offered

Though you can choose from numerous companies for residential waste removal, check whether the services offered by them fit your needs. Few common items in residential waste are metal, plastics, glass, paper, organic, and cardboard. Different waste management companies have different collection programs. Instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all approach, they should consider the type of household waste you want to get rid of and customise their services accordingly. They should also customise their recycling services if you produce a large amount of household waste.

These being said, it’s time you consider the points stated above and choosing the right company for residential rubbish collection services will become easier. Hawkins & Scott Recycling & Waste Management is a leading name for waste management and recycling in Crawley.