Things You Should Know About Glass Waste Collection and Recycling

Things You Should Know About Glass Waste Collection and Recycling

There are very few things in this world that you can easily recycle again and again without reducing their quality, efficiency or integrity. Glass is one of those few things. Whether it is a whole glass product or glass attached to other concrete materials – it can be recycled easily once the waste is collected.

There are certain procedures for collecting glass waste and recycling them. Before you look for the professional skip bin hire for glass waste collection in Sutton and the adjoining localities, you can get detailed information about glass waste collection and recycling.

What is Glass

Glass is made of soda ash, sand, cullet and limestone. Sand and cullet are considered as the two most common and important glass ingredients. Both of these materials can be reused and recycled easily. Hence, you can think about the recycling of glass made goods like bottles, boxes, and other items.

What is Glass Waste Collection

Whether it is the broken glass bottles of your house or the broken glass window of your office, you need to be highly careful about the collection of this type of hazardous waste. There are special types of bins available in the market for glass waste collection and management. You need to hire the waste collection companies that have special expertise in handling such hazardous waste. They can send you the right types of bins to collect the glass waste.

Glass Waste Collection Tips

  • Do not break the glass products for waste collection
  • Keep glass waste separated from other waste
  • Keep the coloured glass separated from the non-coloured ones
  • Try to clean the waste glass before putting them in the bin boxes

How Recycling is Done

There are glass treatment plants where the experts take your glass waste for recycling. Then they are sorted by colour. Experts wash the glass to remove any kind of impurities before recycling. Next, they use machines to crush and melt the glass. At the end of this process, they are mould to create new glass products. This entire process never reduces the efficiency or integrity of the glass.

It is necessary to take the help of the experts for glass waste management and recycling. Hawkins is a noted name in Surrey for waste management and recycling. We have special skill and knowledge about glass waste management and recycling. For more information, you can give us a call.