How to Celebrate Christmas More Sustainably?

How to Celebrate Christmas More Sustainably?

Christmas is here, which also means that there will be a lot of waste generation. The amount of waste that Britain produces daily is staggering, but the figure gets doubled during festivities like Christmas.

This year why don’t you reduce the waste and have a more sustainable Christmas with Crawley waste recycling? Here are few ways you can celebrate Christmas more sustainably!

Reduce food wastage 

On festivities like Christmas, a lot of food gets wasted. Try to avoid wasting food. If you have leftovers, keep them in the fridge and have them for breakfast the next morning, but do not throw away the food.

Say no to physical Christmas cards

Instead of sending physical Christmas cards, use ecards. You can find plenty of free Christmas cards to send to your friends and families. You can also customise these ecards. This reduces paper wastage.

Adopt a plastic-free policy 

If possible, cut down your use of plastic. Plastics are incredibly toxic for the environment and are also very difficult to dispose of.

Gift practical things 

Yes, you found something that is adorable and is perfect for a gift, but stop and think whether the gift is practical or not? A majority of us tend to throw away things that are not useful, and this increases waste. So, don’t waste your money buying gifts that have little use.

Order in bulk

Suppose you are buying things online, the order in bulk. You save not only money but also the items will be delivered in one journey.

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