Garbage Collection During Corona Virus Outbreak: Do’s and Don’ts

Garbage Collection During Corona Virus Outbreak: Do’s and Don’ts

The current situation of the world is known to everyone; the coronavirus outbreak took a toll on everyone and has hampered life at its worst. Government of every country across the globe is working day and night endlessly to provide the minimum public service and fulfill the necessary demands. Reigate Rubbish Collection department is no different. They are working hard to offer essential rubbish collection from homes as it is required indeed to maintain the cleanliness at its best. Otherwise, everyone knows how harmful it can be to have the rubbish piling up. Although enough safety measures are taken by them to keep you and your family safe, still you can take some extra steps. Here are some which you might find helpful.

Manage Your Waste Properly

Managing waste can be a very daunting task, but given the current situations, it is necessary to do it. Front liners such as health officials and public service providers are risking their lives to provide the much-needed commodities to the public. So as a responsible individual, it will help if you take care of them as well. It is quite hard for them to come and collect rubbish from every house daily. So, to help them offering you maximum safety, try to produce less waste than usual or find a way to keep the trash safeguarded until the professional comes to collect them.

Make Sure to Put Your Used Tissues Separately

In case you have any suspected person in your house or neighbourhood, then make sure to put your used items or hygiene stuff in a separate airtight bag. Things like handkerchief, tissues or any other cleaning clothes should be stored in a plastic bag and dumped separately so that no one gets affected by that. Make sure, to do this rather than dumping them directly into a dustbin bucket. Also, put all your used sanitary products, in the same way, to avoid any health risk further.

Be a Little Considerate

Consider a few things for the safety and advantages of the service providers in this pandemic situation. Put your full bin out a little early than usual and wait for the workers to clean them even if it’s a bit too late in the night. They are taking a lot of pressure into doing these works and keeping the locality clean, and this is the least you can do to cooperate with them. Reigate Rubbish Collection authority usually work early morning, so, keep the front door clean if it’s possible so that they can quickly come and take the garbage out.

A lot of other things are there that you can do to help the essential service providers and these are just some of them, heal each other with a united spirit to get over this black phase of the pandemic.