All You Need To Know About Waste Management

All You Need To Know About Waste Management

Globalization blew up very fast, and it has brought a lot of problems all around the world on the radar. One of the biggest challenges is the increasing amount of waste production by our generation. The amount of waste produced by developing and developed countries is rising exponentially. Thoughtless disposal is getting critical to the environment. Disposing our waste in landfills or dumping it in the water bodies is causing severe damage to the ecosystem. It is high time that we manage our waste correctly through a rubbish collection in Crawley for sustainable living.

What is waste management?

Waste management refers to the process involving the journey of waste from its production to its proper disposal. Waste management encompasses all types of garbage like household, industrial or biological. The methods under it include the collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste, along with the monitoring and regulation of the waste management process. One of the best ways to manage waste sustainably would be to recycle it.

What are the things that I can recycle?

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of the household, as well as industrial waste, can be recycled when handled by the experts of rubbish collection in Crawley.

  • A lot of paper and cardboard is used in our day to day lives, and most of it is fit for recycling with every tonne saving 17 trees and two cubic yards of landfill volume. It can also save hours of energy as recycled paper cuts down energy consumption by 70%.
  • Most of the metals and plastics are recyclable.
  • Electronic devices that are anything powered by a battery or a plug can be recycled in a facility.
  • Wood, clothing, and textiles are all part of the list of the things that can be recycled.
  • Glass can take up to a million years to decompose, which can fill up landfills or oceans very fast. Every type of glass is 100% recyclable without losing any of its qualities which make it ideal for recycling at all levels. It is also effortless to recover as it can be remoulded and shaped into the desired requirement.

All of the recycling processes require advanced facilities that aren’t at the disposal of common men. We also can’t afford to segregate and transport each of these wastes to the facilities. For accessible rubbish collection in Crawley, Hawkins & Scott Recycling & Waste Management provide all the required services most professionally and at affordable prices. You will enjoy the ease of waste collection and management with the years of experience they boast in the field, and the help they render to save the environment.