A Take on the Urgency of Efficient Waste Management to Combat COVID-19

A Take on the Urgency of Efficient Waste Management to Combat COVID-19

At present waste management is one of the most crucial activities.  It can put a check on the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak. The fight against COVID-19 is ongoing, and it has engaged massive resources to continue with the struggle and bring an end to the sorrows. The constant effort is undoubtedly bringing a sigh of relief and a sense of cautious hopefulness. Hawkins & Scott Recycling and Waste Management is the name that has indeed taken the lead in Epsom waste collection mechanism to ensure well being of all who are residing in the area. They are efficiently managing the daunting task with useful and timely implementation.

This is indeed a wake-up call for all to tackle the public health crisis at their best. It is about doing one’s duty in a productive way.  It is all about the need to understand the gravity of the situation and the impact it has on human lives. The norms of self-distancing, isolating from the people and practising the cleanliness rituals as per the guidelines of the National Health Service (NHS) and World Health Organisation (WHO) are the most important factors to consider right now.

Safe Waste Management is the Key

  • All waste disposal activity must be done in a safe and environment-friendly way. If this rule isn’t followed, then more challenges will come up in preventing the deadly virus from claiming more lives. The medical wastes should be considered hazardous right now. The masks, protective and treatment equipment should be handled with extreme care under expert supervision.
  • There are chances that both wet and dry waste can carry contagious element and so additional measures to be taken to treat or separated and then eventually incinerated.
  • The gasification technique will be a wise solution if it is possible to incorporate it. This won’t give rise to any odorous smoke and keep the procedure safe.

The main challenge right now is more and more waste being generated every day.  The transport and supply mechanism being partly jeopardised is one of the primary reasons behind this. On the other hand, most of the population remaining indoors is giving rise to increasing food waste. So, action must be taken to campaign on limiting food waste. If each of these points is considered earnestly, then the situation will gradually improve.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to a large-scale battle for saving lives. Newer challenges will come up and demanding circumstances will continue to prevail. It is all about you to grow more conscious about your responsibilities to live and let live through the trying times. The individual gestures will contribute to protecting the world, humankind and their tenets.

Hawkins & Scott is at work by putting the best effort to secure the health and well-being of the people residing in the localities they work in. The Epsom waste collection teamwill never back out from its duty until peace, and human welfare prevails again.