A Few Unique Summer Recycling Ideas to Experiment with

A Few Unique Summer Recycling Ideas to Experiment with

The COVID-19 pandemic did not leave any of you with many options to enjoy the beautiful spring, but it is indeed the earnest prayer ringing in the hearts of all to sustain through the troubled time and reach out a summer of changes. Hope, the world finds its solace in the warm summer sunshine. Hope, it brings the new lease of life everyone is looking forward to.  Here is a discussion on some unique recycling ideas for summer as you all are homebound now and steadily looking forward to indulging in some fun activities so these ideas will lighten the day amidst all the inconvenience.

After the long, bleak winter, spring and summer seem to be quite tempting. It feels nice to indulge in various cleaning or landscaping activities. This invigorates your space and spruce up your property. Since there is enough time at your disposal during the stretched lockdown period, get prepared for a summertime soiree. Clean up your home and surroundings, and Leatherhead waste disposal contractors will take care of the trash. You can even take a recycling initiative for making the time fruitful enough.

Post spring clean recycling

After a significant cleanout, the waste should be categorised into three distinct parts. They are,

  • General waste.
  • Donatable waste.
  • Recyclable Waste.

The items that can be re-used should be kept apart as there is no better option to recycle something than using it again. So, the books, toys, clothes, and games that are no more of any use in your household pack them for donating them to some charity house. If there was any renovation work that took place, then keep the wood off-cuts as general waste and the paint tins can be thoroughly washed for re-use as well.

Recycling of garden waste

Summer is the right time to put your garden in perfect order. There are so many activities related to it, like trimming the overgrowth, clearing the windfall, taming the lawn, and many others.  Thus, a great deal of organic trash is generated. The easiest and best way to recycle them is to convert them to compost to fuel up the soil. You can create a compost heap by putting wastes from the kitchen, like coffee grounds, tea bags, eggshells and so on. So, such elements should be kept separately from general waste.

Post BBQ recycling

Although no gathering is permitted to fight the deadly virus and safe distancing is the norm right now. Still, you can have a quite BBQ session with the family members. That will end a summer evening on a happier note. A large amount of waste is generated from BBQ, and they can be easily recyclable with a little try. Napkins, bottles, cans, plastic bottles can be put separately as general waste. The food waste can be placed in the compost heap.

General waste disposal and recycling

The Leatherhead waste disposal companies collect the waste on a weekly or fortnightly basis as per the capacity of the wheelie bin. So, one can quickly put the general waste for disposal after recycling whatever could be recycled.